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MPT16 (C)

Explosive Power Tools


Workers who use explosive powered fastening tools must be accredited under the Award and the WorkCover Authority of NSW.

These tools are highly dangerous if used carelessly, so this one day course for workers in the Building and Construction Industry trains users to safely:

Use, Clean, Lubricate explosive powered fastening tools and looks at the various OH&S issues surrounding their use.

You may need to obtain a permit before you do this course - please check with Comet.

In addition to the WorkCover ticket participants will also be eligible to get advanced standing on other Construction Industry courses.

To do this course you will need to bring:

Your work boots
Your hard hat

At completion of this course successful participants will be eligible to obtain the WorkCover Accreditation Ticket.

Assessment cost included in course fees.


MPT17 (C)

Scaffolding Basic (Up to 45 Meters)


If you are currently working in the Building and Construction Industry, Comet's Basic Scaffolding course may be for you….

Three courses are available to employees in the Building and Construction Industry to develop skills in working in Scaffolding

• Basic Scaffolding
• Intermediate Scaffolding.
• Advance Scaffolding

You will learn to:

• Erect modular scaffolding
• Dismantle it
• Use related equipment

You receive a Statement of Attainment at the end of this course which allows you to progress to the Intermediate Scaffolding Course.

Assessment cost included in course fees.


MPT18 (C)

Plan Reading & Interpretation

  Increase your confidence in reading and interpreting plans and add to your employment options…

Through this course you can gain:

• Skills
• Experience And Industry recognition

In reading and interpreting structural engineering and architectural plans, and in scheduling.

Comet's Training Certificate provides certification of competence to Construction Training Australia Industry Standards.

Enquire about our other courses in various building skills, eg

• Rigging
• Forklift Operation
• Hoist Operation
• Bricklaying


MPT19 (C)

Occupational First Aid


Do you hold a current approved First Aid Certificate, and are interested in doing an Occupational First Aid?
Then this is for you.

Occupational First Aid Certificate:

• Review of all Senior First Aid skills,
• Hands on training (more practical less talk)
• Advanced resuscitation
• Re-dressing techniques
• Legislative requirements
• Casualty observation
• Casualty observation
• Advanced equipment usage

Duration: A 4 day course of 8 hours per day
Valid: 3 years
Cost: On Application

Venue: Comet Training Pty Ltd 6-8 Railway Street LIDCOMBE 2141


MPT20 (C)

Elevated Work Platform (Cherry Picker)

  From 22 April 1997 people operating Boom Type Elevated Work Platforms extending above 11 metres must be accredited by WorkCover.

WorkCover issues a Certificate of Competency Licence for Elevated Work Platforms (boom length 11 metres or more) to operators who pass an Assessment test.
This course provides "hands on" training in the safe use and operation of:

• Vertical man Lifts
• Scissor Lifts
• Straight and Knuckle Boom Lifts

Comet's course incorporates one day of practical training, followed by the assessment for the WorkCover ticket a few days later. The test takes between 1 and half and 2 hours and WorkCover requires at least 48 hours between the training and the assessment. Courses will be scheduled to meet this requirement and to fit in with your needs.
There is no previous education standard required but experience in using elevated equipment may be an advantage.

So that you know what to expect in the assessment participants will receive a pre-assessment briefing during the course. A spoken assessment can be arranged for participants who have reading and writing difficulties.

The Assessment is done individually by a WorkCover Accredited Assessor.

Assessment cost included in course fees.


MPT21 (C)

Confined Space

  The purpose of this training program is to provide coordinated training to those associated with entering and working in a confined space.

On successful completion of the program participants will be able to:

• Identify the procedure for entering a confined space
• Interpret the terms and working methods used in Australian Standard AS 2865 / Safe working in a confined space
• Demonstrate clearly the duties and responsibilities of a standby person
• Demonstrate an understanding of exposure standards
• Identify and describe the hazards associated with confined spaces
• Describe the regulatory requirements when entering or working in a confined space
• Perform a risk assessment
• Complete an entry permit
• Identify air monitoring methods and demonstrate the use of gas detection equipment
• Select, use and maintain personal protective equipment used in confined spaces and identify their advantages and limitations
• Select, use and maintain safety harnesses and safety lines
• Demonstrate rescue procedures
• Identify purging with ventilation
• Describe the methods of fire protection and prevention
• Describe isolation and lockout procedures


MPT24 (C)

Material Hoist

  You can improve your job prospects with a WorkCover certificate in Materials Hoist operation.

A WorkCover ticket in Operating a Materials Hoist confirms that you have trained in the safe and effective operation of a materials hoist. It will increase your opportunities for employment both in the Building and Construction industry and in other industries.

This course is being offered flexibly - so that people may gain the certificate whether

They are already operating a materials hoist within the industry
They are not already working on a materials hoist

Participants who complete the course are eligible for the Materials Hoist Operators Certificate from the WorkCover Authority of NSW.

Assessment cost included in course fees.


MPT25 (C)

Safety On Site

  Comet Training is offering a special two day course for supervisors who are responsible for managing safety on site.


Occupational Health and Safety on Site
• The cost of OH&S problems
• Management methods dealing with OH&S problems
• Systems which have proven successful in reducing problems
• How an effective system of management can be cost saving
• The nine key elements of OH&S Management Programmes stipulated in the Government contractural requirements
• How the elements work
• The application to site management programmes
• Understanding the management responsibilities
• Its role in Sub-contractors and in purchasing
• Establishing process control
• Hazard identification and assessment
• Controlling OH&S issues
• Implementing corrective action
• Handling, storage packaging, delivery and disposal of hazardous substances
• OH&S record keeping


MPT26 (C)

Asbestos Removal

  A two day occupational health and safety practical course designed specifically for people working with asbestos.

The course content is comprised of a range of aspects from an understanding of the law governing asbestos removal through to the practical application of equipment designed to protect workers involved with this dangerous substance.

Course Outline:-

• The law and asbestos
• Asbestos and you health - a medical perspective
• Environmental considerations
• Protecting the public
• Protecting yourself
• In the event of an accident.

Practical Skills Sessions:-

• How to use Personal Protective Equipment
• Sealing the environment
• Assembling showers and change rooms on site


MPT27 (C)

Cert IV Assessment & Workplace Training

  So you want to become a workplace trainer or assessor?

Gain a Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training

Comet Training offers Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. This certificate replaces the previous WPT Category I & II Certificates. On completion participants will obtain certification recognising their level of competency achieved.

There are two options for gaining qualification:

1) If you believe you already have appropriate skills and experience in Assessing & Training you can seek recognition of prior learning (RPL). For all Units in which you are found competent you will receive a certificate. Comet is able to conduct the RPL process.
2) If you do not have the skills and experience (or not in all units) Comet offers a range of short courses designed to develop your competence.

You have a choice of three courses:

1. Becoming a workplace trainer

44 hours including 8 hours of presentation

2. Conducting workplace training programs

30 hours including 8 hours of presentation

3. Becoming a workplace assessor/trainer

44 hours including 8 hours of presentation

Participant will learn how to:

• Plan assessment
• Conduct assessment
• Review assessment
• Train small groups
• Plan and promote a training program
• Plan a series of training sessions
• Deliver training sessions
• Review training

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