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How to become a Host Employer
If you are interested in becoming a Host Employer, please read the information as set out below and call us on 8789 7050.

Time Sheets
Time sheets will be provided to each apprentice in duplicate by the Group Scheme. The time sheets are completed by the apprentice each week and given to the Host Employer for authorisation. Once authorised the authorised time sheet must be faxed to Master Plumbers Apprentices Ltd by 11.00am Monday morning for processing. The apprentice retains a copy and you should retain a copy for your records.

Master Plumbers Apprentices Limited pay the apprentices each week for their weekly wage and allowances in accordance with the State Plumbing Award and Commercial Training Act and other wage payments requested by the Host Employer (i.e. EBA Payments).
We draw your attention to the need to strictly comply with all Award conditions, particularly:
• Rostered Day Off provisions.
• Overtime payments at the appropriate rates.
• Payment of Tool Allowance.
• Payment of Fares & Travelling Allowances.

The Group Scheme will advise of changes to wage rates and Award conditions as they occur.

You will be advised each month as to the apprentices' current sick leave entitlement.

You pay Master Plumbers Apprentices Limited
The Group Scheme will submit a detailed weekly invoice for each apprentice. These invoices are payable by direct debit from your bank account 7 days after the
apprentice has been paid.

Master Plumbers Apprentices Limited is Responsible for:
• Payment of Group Tax to the Australian Taxation Office.
• Payment of Workers compansation premiums.
• Payment of surerannuation guarantee contributions.
• Issue of the apprentices' Group Certificates.
• Registration with the Long Service Payments Corporation.
• Registration of the apprentice with a superannuation fund
• Administration of all workers compensation claims and payments.

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