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In real terms Master Plumbers Apprentices can add to your profitability, in most cases this is done twice.

The First Way We save Employers Money!
In almost all cases it actually is less expensive to employ a MPAL apprentices than to employ them yourself. In real cash terms we estimate that you could be saving your company $3365.57 for every apprentice that you employ.

The Second Way We save Employers Money!

Master Plumbers adds to the viability of your business by adding flexibility to your work force and by adding the talents of our Field officers Training and promotional Staff.

Flexibility and Service
• Strict entrance requirements and pre-vocational training.
• Master employs and indentures the apprentice.
• Periods of employment from 3 months or more.
• MPAL handles most of the administration work,
• MPAL supply you weekly timesheets, we look after the rest.
• You pay work or while at Technical College
• You pay a daily 'on-cost' charge:
• You don't pay Annual leave and loadings
• You don't pay Workers' Compensation
• You don't pay Sick leave & Public holidays
• You don't pay Technical College fees
• You don't pay Superannuation Guarantee levy

Some of the other benefits of using the group Scheme are:-
You may adjust your apprentice workforce to suit a fluctuating workload.
• We overcome the problems involved in employing a full complement of apprentices
• We overcome the problems of not being able to guarantee continued employment
• We overcome the problem of being able to expose your apprentices to the full spectrum of the plumbing trade.
• We indenture our apprentices for four years, so they can not chase the dollars once they gain some skills.
• You can select the level of apprentice in regards to your needs For instance, if you have work suitable for only 1st year apprentices, you may then select that apprentice for the job. This ensures that the apprentices' training and wages are matched to the level of skill required.

Can you afford NOT to be involved?
All Master Plumbers Apprentices Limited Group Scheme Apprentices are:
• Indentured
• Registered with the Vocational Training Board of NSW
• Registered with an approved superannuation fund
• Registered with the Long Service Payments Corporation
• Issued with a standard basic tool kit
• Issued with their own personal safety equipment

To find out more or to simply get a copy of our Host Employer manual contact us on 8789 7050.

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