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The largest Employer of Plumbing Apprentices in Australia, may be the world!
Master Plumbers Apprentices Limited conducts the largest and most successful Group Apprenticeship Schemes for plumbing apprentices in Australia.

Who Employs the Apprentices
Apprentices are employed by Master Plumbers Apprentices Limited as indentured apprentices. Master Plumbers employs a team of "Field officers" to ensure MPAL, the HOST and the apprentices each fulfil their part of the indenture (Contract of training and employment). Master Plumbers also prepares all documentation as required by statutory authorities and remains the legal employer for the period of the apprenticeship.

Who is the trainer
During the Apprenticeship the apprentices are "leased" to plumbing contractors to gain the necessary practical, on-site experience. These leasing arrangements may be for short or long term periods. The terms of the lease are gauged by work requirements and the apprentices training requirements. MPAL strive to ensure that all apprentices are exposed to all of the various types of work within plumbing and this may not be possible with one "Host Trainer".

Therefore Master Plumbers Apprentices Limited offer our apprentices the opportunity of a wide range of work experiences together with the security of continuous employment.

Apprentices are selected from those applicants who meet our strict criteria. To apply for one of the positions please phone us on 8789 7050 or
1800 424 181

 A position for a person whom has not started an apprenticeship
 A position for a current 1st year apprentice (Out-Of-Trade)
 A position for a current 2nd year apprentice (Out-of-Trade)
 A position for a current 3rd year apprentice (Out-of-Trade)
 A position for a current 4th year apprentice (Out-Of-Trade)

There may be as many as 50 positions advertised at once.To apply call our recruitment officer on 8789 7050.

Apprenticeship Applications
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Apprenticeship Application Kit.
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