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Are you interested in applying for an Apprenticeship in Plumbing

To apply to MPAL to become an indentured plumbing apprentice carefully complete the following steps:-

  1. Print out the Plumbing Apprenticeship Application kit

  2. Read all material carefully

  3. Complete and send your application to
    Master Plumbers Apprentices Ltd
    PO Box 42 Lidcombe NSW 1825

  4. If you have questions feel free to contact our duty field officer
    on (02) 8789 7050.

PLUMBING APPRENTICESHIP APPLICATION KIT Plumbing Apprenticeship Application (click on icon)

Get Adobe Pdf ReaderNOTE: ADOBE ACROBAT READER is required to view and/or print-out the Application Kit. If you don't already have it installed, you may DOWNLOAD and install the READER by clicking on the ICON.
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